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About Us

 シェイプス&シャドウズ ドローイングスタジオは、1979年から30年以上の歴史がある米国の教育法「Monart」のカリキュラムに沿って、子どもたちに絵を描くことの楽しさを伝えるお絵描き教室です。絵の構成要素となる5つのエレメントの使い方を学ぶことで、写実的な絵を描くためのスキルを効率的に習得できます。


 楽器を弾くには楽譜の読み方や指の使い方、泳ぐには手や足の動かし方を先生やコーチから学びます。絵を描くことも同じです。才能のあるなしにかかわらず、適切な指導を受けることで、描く能力を高く伸ばすことができるのです。シェイプ&シャドウ ドローイングスタジオでは、絵の構成要素となるエレメンツを組み合わせ、目で見たものを描き出すための方法を教えます。生徒はさまざまな画材を使い、動物、人物、風景などのテーマに取り組みながら、自分のペースで学び、上達を実感できます。






Shapes & Shadows Drawing Studio is an English drawing studio where everyone can learn how to draw using the five basic Elements of Shapes and drawing curriculum developed by Monart, a drawing teaching method that has been used in the United States since 1979.

Just as we are taught how to combine basic phonetic rules to read, musical notes to play an instrument, and strokes to swim, drawing is a teachable subject.

Students will learn the Element of Shapes, and guided as how they combine those elements on paper so that their drawing represent what they see.

They are also given the chance to explore a wide range of subject matter, media, and artistic techniques so that students may continually progress at their own pace.

In Shapes & Shadows Drawing Studio, students will learn more than just how to draw; we also focus on nurturing children's ability to think and intuition, to develop their independence, thus to increase self-confidence. Classes are in English, so students learn English as a Second Language naturally through projects and instructions.


Greeting ごあいさつ

Nan Matsumoto

Founder & Instructor



略歴:Art Center College of Design(米国カリフォルニア)でデザインの教育を受ける。RMIT(シンガポール)でビジュアルコミュニケーション学部を卒業。Monartを創設したモナ・ブルックス氏の講師養成講座を修了。


Having art & design education in Art Center College of Design and been trained personally by Mona Brookes, who developed the Monart Method in 1979, I'm excited to bring the first Monart drawing teaching method to children and adults in Japan. I believe the lesson will give a rewarding experience to everyone inside out.

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